Ana Luísa Quinta Gomes, PhD in Psychology, is a Clinical Psychologist and Researcher at the Centre for Psychology of Porto University and the Research Group in Human Sexuality (SexLab). She is a qualified specialist in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Sexology by the Portuguese Board of Psychologists, and a certified Sex Therapist by the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology. Ana Gomes has been conducting basic and applied research in human sexuality, particularly on psychological vulnerability factors for sexual dysfunction and determinants of sexual health in patients with cancer. She is also conducting research aimed at the development and implementation of sexual health promoting programs and has participated in clinical studies on treatment efficacy for sexual dysfunctions. Ana Gomes is author of several scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals and presentations in national and international scientific meetings and collaborates as an invited reviewer in peer-reviewed scientific journals in the areas of Clinical Psychology, Sexual Medicine, Medical Sciences, and Urology. She is also the coordinator of the Sexual Health Consultation (Clinical Sexology) of the Social Services of the University of Porto.