At the Sexlab Porto we study behavioral and psychophysiological dimensions associated with human sexuality. To assess behavioral aspects of human sexuality, we use specialized software that allows us to collect self-reported data (e.g., questionnaires) as well as to assess attentional, perception, memory, and emotional processing. We also use software that permits the modification and manipulation of facial features relevant in the study of face perception, attractiveness, and evolutionary psychology.

Our lab also employs instruments dedicated to the measurement of central nervous system responses (electroencephalography) and peripheral responses such as electromyography, cardio-respiratory (blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate), galvanic (galvanic conductance of the skin), startle (eye-blink) and visual attention, including pupillometry (eye-tracker system).

To assess genital arousal response in real time, we employ measures of vaginal vasocongestion (vaginal photoplethysmography) and measures of penile tumescence that assess changes in penile circumference (penile plethysmography), combined with a system of thermal cameras that capture changes in participants’ body skin surface temperature.

Across all studies, and regardless of the type of assessment used, our laboratory procedures always seek to guarantee the comfort and privacy of all participants. Our facilities include individual experimentation rooms, where each participant privately remains while the experiment takes place. Sexlab Porto has a partnership with the sterilization center of São João Hospital, ensuring that all necessary instruments are sterilized according to hospital standardized procedures.