Mariana Carrito graduated at University of Aveiro (BA) and got her Masters degree (Experimental Psychology and Applications) at the University of Minho. Her Ph.D. research was conducted at the University of Aveiro (supported by IBILI in Coimbra), while having spent some time as a visiting researcher at St Andrews University (Scotland, UK). Mariana’s Ph.D. work was supervised by Prof. Dr. Isabel Santos from the University of Aveiro and Prof. Dr. David Perrett from St Andrews University. She worked for 8 months as a post-doctoral researcher at the William James Centre for Research (Lisbon, Portugal), under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gün R. Semin. Currently, Mariana holds a post-doctoral position as a member of the Human Sexuality group from CPUP (Centre for Psychology at University of Porto), supervised by Dr. Joana Carvalho.

As an experimental psychologist, Mariana is most interested in studying evolutionary mechanisms inherent to the mating strategies in humans. She is also practiced on neuropsychological data analyses, both EEG and peripheral physiology.